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Creating my own ish

I recently decided it was time to start creating my own content, given my great affinity for documentary work. After dedicating a few months to developing my ideas, I now have two productions that are already in pre-production.

I'd like to introduce you to my first production, titled "Breaking the Silence."

"Breaking the Silence" delves into the hidden struggles and pressures faced by young footballers. Through powerful storytelling, we explore their mental health challenges, the intense pressures from parents, and the journey from grassroots to potential professional careers. We also show the struggles players face when they "make it," highlighting the ongoing pressures and mental health challenges that continue throughout their careers. Additionally, we delve into the advocates of mental health within sport and what is being done to combat these issues, showcasing efforts and initiatives aimed at creating a more supportive and understanding environment for athletes.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to create a world where young footballers can pursue their dreams without being crushed by the weight of unrealistic expectations and pressures. We aim to:

  • Highlight Mental Health: Raise awareness about the mental health struggles faced by young athletes and the impact of intense pressures from parents and the football industry.

  • Promote Change: Advocate for systemic changes within youth football to prioritize mental well-being and provide better support systems for young players.

  • Inspire Dialogue: Encourage open conversations about mental health in sports, reducing stigma and fostering a more compassionate environment for future generations.

Sure, here is the revised version including Aaron Lennon:

About Our Team

Chance Wilson (Producer/Writer):

With a background in documentary filmmaking and a passion for storytelling, I am dedicated to bringing powerful, real-life stories to the screen. My experience includes producing and directing documentaries that have sparked conversations and driven change.

Matthew Walker (Director):

An experienced director known for his ability to capture the essence of real-life stories, Matthew will bring a compelling vision and creative approach to our documentary.

Fitz Hall (Consultant):

As a former professional footballer, Fitz brings invaluable insights into the world of football and the mental health challenges faced by players. His firsthand experience will guide our narrative and ensure authenticity.

Danny Rose (Presenter):

A current professional footballer with a keen interest in mental health advocacy, Danny will engage with our subjects and help present their stories with empathy and understanding.

Aaron Lennon (Mental Health Advocate):

As a well-known advocate for mental health within sport, Aaron will provide crucial insights and help highlight the ongoing efforts to support athletes' mental well-being. His involvement will add depth and authenticity to our exploration of mental health issues in football.

Stefan Yap and Jem Karto (Directors of Photography):

With their combined expertise in cinematography, Stefan and Jem will capture stunning visuals that enhance the emotional impact of our documentary.

Afzal Rabbani (1st Assistant Director):

Afzal's experience in coordinating film productions will ensure that our project runs smoothly and efficiently.

Sam Neal (Editor):

Sam's skill in crafting compelling narratives from raw footage will be instrumental in shaping the final documentary.

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