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Life, redemption, shift, career, new direction in 2022/2023

This year has been nothing short of remarkable, showcasing substantial growth and a redemption of sorts. It's been a transformative year for my career, signifying a significant shift towards a new and purposeful direction.

Amidst the personal milestones and adventures, my work has taken center stage. I've eagerly pursued an array of exciting projects, with a keen focus on long-form ventures such as documentaries and films. I've committed to two compelling music documentary projects and have a substantial documentary undertaking in progress. Additionally, I'm engaged in a highly promising project with Amazon, under a non-disclosure agreement, amplifying my professional journey.

However, the zenith of my professional anticipation lies in the prospect of working on my inaugural TV pilot. It encapsulates the essence of my dedication and aspirations in the realm of creative content this year.

This exhilarating blend of personal experiences and substantial professional projects has reignited my passion and dedication. Emerging from a challenging period marked by loss, darkness, and depression, I stand resilient and reenergized, prepared to seize this exciting new career trajectory and all the opportunities it promises.


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